Mind Body Spirit Program


Mind Body Spirit Program

Educational Programming for children of all ages

The Mind, Body and Spirit Program is an educational program for children that gives participants the opportunity to gain skills that will help them throughout their life course.  Programs are taught by experienced coaches that can relate to youth and their life experiences.

In this program we introduce balance where the body is represented by the sport of no contact boxing, the mind is represented by the game of chess, and the spirit is represented by the creation of music.   

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The main learning objectives of the Mind, Body and Spirit program are as follows:

  • Building Self Esteem

  • Developing Decision Making Skills

  • Increasing Self Control

  • Refining Eye and Hand Coordination

  • Defining Their Personal Character

TBOC is a vendor of the Montgomery County School System in Maryland.

Case Study

We kicked off our second contract with Montgomery County supporting at risk youth in a mentoring class focused on entrepreneurial skills.  We are conducting sessions that are goal based and provide the young people an opportunity to ask questions and express their dreams.

We kicked off the second session our program supporting at risk youth in a Hip Hop Music Class in collaboration with DJ Yogi and Cool. TBOC provided music video directing, producing and editing support. The TBOC Team led by Tai Campbell taught the talented students how to select location, use the video camera and tips for shooting the music video of the class performing their original song. Check out the results.

Why Boxing? We have included boxing in our program also very deliberately. Boxing is more than a sport where people hit each other. Boxing does all the right things to include weight loss, better speed and co-ordination, improved muscle tone, and a solid cardio hit. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the arms, either. Besides being an excellent all-body cardio workout much like swimming, it’ll also smash the lower body to include the quads. With an ever increasing amount of violence being introduced into our society children need to learn how to control, manage and channel anger and frustration. Boxing teaches techniques that not only do that but also provide the children with the ability to defend themselves if necessary.

Why Chess? Chess is more than a game but a tool we use to encourage and enhance the skill of cognitive thinking. Once an individual is able to address life’s issues and tasks in a more effective way they are able to initiate change and growth not only in their lives but those around them. Research shows that students who play chess have a higher likelihood of excelling in math because chess promotes spacial and logistical intelligences needed to solve problems and enhance critical thinking. Chess promotes and creates academic achievement by affording students the opportunity to be visually stimulated which can lead to improvements in memory. In this precarious day and age where students lack the necessary skills to make good choices; poor decision making and inadequate problem solving skills have not only led to the achievement gap it has also rendered a nation of children who are susceptible to societal ills such as (illiteracy, teen pregnancy, gang violence, low self-esteem, etc).

Why Music? Who doesn’t love music? Certainly there are some of us, but for the most part music is a big part of our lives. Whether it’s the music that we listen to on the way to work, while we workout, or the music we hear in a symphony or film, it can bring up our moods, tell us a story or even bring us down. Music has touched cultures all over the world since very early times in human history. The need to reduce stress is not just an adult issue. Another benefit to including music as part of our program is the ability for children to escape to a place of beats and voices and tempos that provides them with an opportunity to reduce their stress.