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Cliff Campbell was a recognized chess coach that has worked with children for over fifty years. He developed children from three to eighteen years old - resulting in many champions that have won numerous championships coast to coast. Check him out in a recent interview at Listen Vision - The Nitty Gritty - Click on the YouTube Icon to watch the video.

Mr. Campbell's Chess Principles

1. Chess is a game which requires higher level thinking skills

2. Chess improves the ability to concentrate

3. Chess provides tremedous motivation

4. Chess is inexpensive

5. Chess is quiet

6. Chess builds esteme

7. Discipline improves in school with Chess

8. Chess helps students become less impulsive

9. Chess helps students to make better decisions

10. Chess is a great vehicle for teaching sportsmanship

"School should be fun." says Mr. Campbell

"Chess is one of the many ways teachers can make their classroom an enjoyable place to be." shares Mr. Campbell

Mr. Campbell was a major influence in his son, Tai Campbell, life and is dearly missed by all.